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Becoming someone I want to be.

Recently I became very disappointed in the world that surrounds me. Well not a world, but people I spend the most of my time. Yes, I’m talking about my co-workers. And I’m pretty sure that I am not the only one.

So what to do, what to do. Several possibilities: change or just accept, be depressed or try to look at the problem from the different angle.

Change: not yet. This is a plan but it will take time and lots of work.

Accept: never! I work in the field where rat race or making your own business more important that this of people we take care of, is not acceptable.

Be depressed: I have definitely the burnout syndrome. I can’t focus. I can’t do the things I should, cause they remind me the work and I see the faces of people I do not respect.

Look from the different angle: This what I do!

First of all there is plenty of fantastic people I work with and I do look at them, I cherish the moment we spend with each other. And I run to them for some ‘be my rock’ moment.

I do my job the best I can.

I enjoy moments of success. And I survive failures, cause those moments make me stronger.

But the most important is that I HAVE FANTASTIC LOVE ONES!!!! I want to do everything in my power to not to make them unhappy. And I know that my unhappiness makes them sad.

So, with this page and keyboard, I will look at the world from different angle and, let’s face it, my perspective. I will share moments.


Have a nice day,